About Us

The Chronicle Press Corps is an organization that will focus on operating an online newspaper covering the activities of the committees and delegates at UNA-USA MUN 2013. The newspaper’s content will call for writers and photographer to incorporate both fact and opinion into their articles and photographs, which will be posted via this website over the course of the conference. The committee related articles will strive to be objective, while the opinion or delegate life pieces will be wholly personal.

The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) intends this weblog to serve as a depository for online media, articles, and stories relating to the activities of UNA-USA programs, its members, employees and board. The United Nations Association of the USA does not represent or warrant the truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of any material linked through this Site, nor does The United Nations Association of the USA endorse any information or opinions expressed by Authors, Users or others within the Site. Users acknowledge that any reliance on material posted by others will be at their own risk. Any content placed within discussion areas or forums by Users are the views of the User posting the statement, and do not represent the views of The United Nations Association of the USA.