Officially Open! [2012 Archive]

Throughout the second half of the twentieth century various personalities and world leaders like Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Margaret Thatcher and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have addressed the international community from UN Building at New York City.  Nevertheless, yesterday was Chuck Robert’s turn to take the stage at the GA Hall.

During his speech, the Secretary General for the tenth edition of GCIMUN highlighted the importance of looking for agreements.  This remark holds true relevance a time where there are plenty of ways in which people can express themselves, hence increasing the chances of different points of view to arise over a certain issue.

“Seek to understand rather than to be understood” were the words Mr. Roberts used to identify those who he calls “true diplomats”.  Then he pointed out how important it is for delegates to strive to become agents of understanding, rather than the center of the debate.

Shortly after Mr. Robert’s finished speaking, Timothy E. Wirth, president of the UN Foundation, addressed the model’s participants, reminding them of the crucial role peacekeeping forces play in the success of the UN’s missions all across the globe.  He ended up inviting the delegates to join the UN and raise their paper-blue helmets high as an act of support to all the men and women committed to bringing peace to the people of the world.

Then, it was UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who approached the podium at the GA Hall.  His speech, “Youth of the World: make some noise!” emphasized on the responsibility young people have of engaging in the transformation of their communities and the world as a whole.

His to-do-list called upon delegates to raise their voices and “demand action” from their governments to stop climate change, guarantee gender equality and assure the well-being of LGBT population, amongst many other issues.  Finally, when a delegate asked him for advice he said, “Have big dreams for if you have no dreams, there is nothing to be realized”.  This was how the Secretary General underlined how dreams are the ones that ultimately shape our reality.

Last but not least, Monique Coleman spoke to the delegates.  Disney superstar’s speech focused on the significance of risk-taking, as a crucial element in making a difference.  Monique inspired the audience by highlighting how important it is to find one’s true passion, and committing in order to change one’s own environment and the world.

In the end, all the speeches called upon the audience to get involve within their communities and let their voices be heard with the aim of reaching consensus regarding controversial issues and to work with other people with the objective of making part of something bigger than ourselves.

By seven pm. Mr. Roberts took the word again to declare the model officially open!


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