Ceasefire [2012 Archive]

The topic at the Security Council yesterday ended off at whether to put the troops in the border of Israel and Lebanon or not. This conversation had evolved into specifics; the delegates were now discussing the source of the weapons that shot down the Israeli helicopter and about negotiating with Hezbollah to get the bodies of the pilots back for their families. The delegates also rightfully submitted a directive for a ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel to assure that violence would not restart, which was one of their goals from yesterday, now completed.

The terms used in the room were quite endearing as the delegates sympathized for the UN peacekeepers that lost their lives because of the conflict, and the sorrow they felt for the families who lost their members to the helicopter crash. The directive of the ceasefire was only a temporary 72-hour solution so the main focus of the committee shifted into figuring out the next steps to be taken. One of the delegates suggested an arms embargo, which can be compared to a permanent ceasefire, will diminish the fear of any violence between Israel and Lebanon.

The delegates quickly transitioned back to the investigation at hand. Apparently a Chinese observer was also killed which caused the nation to retreat their troops from the area due to concern of their safety.

The delegates also emphasized the importance of inquiring about the source of the missiles. The missiles were apparently smuggled by sea captains who were bribed. “We need to set an example for the future, sometimes diplomacy is the best policy,” declared the delegation of Portugal as the committee. They were keen on working together and including as many countries as they can to the solution by negotiating and making compromises.


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