General Assembly First Committee and Arms Trade [2012 Archive]

In the spacious lobby of the five-star Grand Hyatt Hotel, located at the corner of Lexington and 42nd East Street, in the city that never sleeps, a group of young, excited delegates have formed the General Assembly First Committee of the United Nations and have already begun discussing pressing world conflicts.

They come prepared with their viewpoint, notes, and research. The first to speak is the delegate of Tajikistan. She spoke about a young child named Yusuf, who asked, “Why should innocent lives die for the wealth of others?” This caught everyone’s attention. Unknowingly, Yusuf is referring to the arms trade- a major cause of human rights abuses. Weapon exchange is a $45-60 billion annual business that robs humanity of basic needs while posing a global threat of war and annihilation.

The money-making top arms dealers are industrial nations such as the United States, France, UK, and Russia, while developing nations are the top recipients. Arms suppliers and recipients create a global climate of fear and create a situation of despair in the people of the nations who are involved in this problem. These developing nations spend more on military equipment than on social development, communications infrastructure and health combined, thus robbing their populace of modernization and basic human needs. This is why the international committee at the United Nations has recognized the importance on finding a solution for nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, and weapons of mass destruction disarmament.

While international attention is focused on the need to discontinue the production of weapons of mass destruction (ie. nuclear bombs, chemical explosives), the trade in conventional weapons continues to operate legally. This is due to rarely enforced national arms regulations. The lack of arms controls allows a few rich nations to profit from the misery of millions. Conventional weapons refer to warships, battle tanks, fighter jets, machine guns, or any other type of weapon in any of the seven categories registered at the UN Register for Conventional Arms.
Global arms trade is one of the most corrupt sectors in the world. It causes world terror, conflicts, poverty and war. Weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons play a role in the increase of violence, crime, and drug-related problems throughout the world. Every weapon that is manufactured is an act against those who are hungry, homeless, and undernourished. The great scientific minds of the world should be trying to find a cure for world suffering, not on inventions of mass destruction. This is what this committee is discussing: the solution for this problem.



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